Sylvia has been working as an astrologer and tarot reader for over 20 years.  She also practices yoga and natural therapies complimented by a strong interest in psychology.  She has trained in Germany, USA and Australia and has degrees in counselling, economics and accounting.

Sylvia has many psychic modalities to offer which include clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychometry, intuitive tarot and astrology, counselling.  During the reading people often receive confirmation about things they instinctively know and gain a new perspective on possible solutions.  An outcome frequently reported is that the reading leads to a sense of choice and empowerment.


Cheryle focuses on doing Happiness Oracle Card Readings (her own self published set), which assists people to work & achieve happiness for themselves and intuitively work with colours & crystals that will resonate and assist in creating & attracting happiness. You will take away with you your own Happiness Circle Wheel – 9 Card Spread, which will include a daily message as well as past, present & future information. Cheryle has been a Healer for the past 20 years. Modalities that she offers are Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Surgery, Pranic Healing, Crystal, Colour and Aura Healing, Thought Field Therapy & Touch for Health.

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Victoria has been helping people with accurate insights all her life, even as a child she had the knowing and could communicate freely with those on the other side, departed loved ones, angels and spirit guides.

She has worked as a professional psychic for more than 25 years, having honed her natural abilities to offer clear messages on questions ranging from life purpose, soulmates, work and career path to everyday problems like the should I, shouldn't I questions all with the same care, compassion, deep insite and dedication.

Her mediumship skills help connect you with departed loved ones (including pets) in a safe and loving way.

A reading with Victoria is something to remember and clients are always blown away by the information that comes through.

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Janelle is an intuitive reader, meaning that she can read with or without tarot cards.  However, most commonly she will read using cards that she feels a connection with.

While reading, Janelle has the ability to connect with Divine Spirit and the client's Guides.  This enables the Guides to use her as a direct channel and bring forth messages that can assist in finding clarity and direction.

Spirit has also gifted Janelle with the ability to perform health scans.  Through symptom like sensations and visions of varying shades of grey Janelle is able to detect health issues within the body.


Lillian's intuitive abilities started from a young age, she now has over 25 years of experience as a Reader and Master Healer with a strong connection to Spirit.  

In a reading she combines her empathetic, clairvoyance and claircognizance abilities, alongside her healing arts and tools that she has gained on this journey and she loves to share her tools with her clients.

Her tools of choice are the Tarot cards and or Tea Leaves, she finds them particularly useful in gaining a quick connection.  Assisting others to grow into their full potential has always been a passion and knowing her clients gain clarity and insight towards their goals, whether it's relationships, career or purpose.

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