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Find your light! I help people encounter their worth and find their next steps. Your soul speaks to you. Let me find the answers that you seek.


I work with the Archangels, Spirit, and Grace as a Medium and Healer to help you create real change within. 


My healing and reading gifts allow me to see what encumbers your state of flow so you can see light to help you resurface as great, as ever abundant.  


I am a channel for light who loves channelling art, poetry, and song! From a proud family of gifted psychics and healers. Te we awa nui. Let love guide.


Sylvia has been working as an astrologer and tarot reader for over twenty years.  She also practices yoga and natural therapies complimented by a strong interest in psychology.  She has trained in Germany, USA and Australia and has degrees in counselling, economics and accounting.

Sylvia has many psychic modalities to offer which include clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychometry, intuitive tarot, astrology and counselling.

During the reading people often receive confirmation about things they instinctively know and gain a new perspective on possible solutions.

An outcome frequently reported is that the reading leads to a sense of choice and empowerment.


Maria is known for her accurate and honest readings. She quickly identifies what a soul in front of her needs and delivers a message with care and understanding of their past traumas and experiences. Her unique style incorporates natural empath abilities, ancient wisdom, and modern psychology with a hint of humour.

 Maria uses several Tarot decks and Runes in her divination practice as they can provide insight on a wide variety of topics including Love, Career, Business, Spiritual development, and Shadow work. Being profound in Witchcraft traditions of European cultures she shares ethical practices of spell casting and energy cleansing with her students.  

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Michelle offers insightful readings using her favourite Tarot cards; Titania's Fortune Cards.

These cards along with Michelle's skills offer a reading into Love, Finances, Travel, whatever is on your mind and needs answers.  She also offers Numerology, Healings, Spirit Messages, Room Clearings, Feng Shui, Coffee Cup readings or Tealeaf readings.

She has had experience with her psychic abilities since birth. Her fun readings can help make life decisions.

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