Sylvia has been working as an astrologer and tarot reader for over 20 years.  She also practices yoga and natural therapies complimented by a strong interest in psychology.  She has trained in Germany, USA and Australia and has degrees in counselling, economics and accounting.

Sylvia has many psychic modalities to offer which include clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychometry, intuitive tarot and astrology, counselling.  During the reading people often receive confirmation about things they instinctively know and gain a new perspective on possible solutions.  An outcome frequently reported is that the reading leads to a sense of choice and empowerment.


Cheryle focuses on doing Happiness Oracle Card Readings (her own self published set), which assists people to work & achieve happiness for themselves and intuitively work with colours & crystals that will resonate and assist in creating & attracting happiness. You will take away with you your own Happiness Circle Wheel – 9 Card Spread, which will include a daily message as well as past, present & future information. Cheryle has been a Healer for the past 20 years. Modalities that she offers are Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Surgery, Pranic Healing, Crystal, Colour and Aura Healing, Thought Field Therapy & Touch for Health.

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As a child Kerry was gifted with psychic abilities to see, hear & sense on other levels.  Professionally, Kerry has been giving Psychic Readings for the past 35 years.

By attuning to your Guardian Angels & Higherself, Kerry receives information from your past, present & future & communicates what is happening on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level in your life.  You're welcome to ask specific questions to receive answers.

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Joan uses a combination of Palmistry, Tarot, Clairvoyance and Mediumship to provide guidance in all areas of life including life-path, relationships, career, health and past lives.  As she works with those in spirit, helpful wisdoms are revealed and for those who wish it, communication with passed loved ones is possible.  Apart from reading professionally for over thirty years, Joan, for many years taught Psychic and Spiritual Development classes and is the author of the book, 'The Truth Seeker'.

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Michelle offers insightful readings using her favourite Tarot cards; Titania's Fortune cards.

These cards along with Michelle's skills offer a reading into Love, Finances, Travel, whatever is on your mind and needs answers.  Numerology, Healings, Spirit Messages, Room Clearings, Feng Shui, Coffee Cup readings or Tealeaf readings.  

She has had experience with her psychic abilities since birth.  She offers a fun reading that can help make life decisions.

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