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iteracare wand and AIM products. Herbal Fiberblend, Bi carb Soda.

Down To Earth Astrology.

Franie D - Shamanic Healer.

For The Love Of Books - Metaphysical and self help books, Feng Shui items, handcrafted bracelets, tumbled stones and crystal terminators.

Amanda Cannon - Hypnotherapy, light code activations and intuitive energy work.

Rustic Old Soul Curiosity Shop - Organites and Kinesiology.

Divine Essence - Reiki.

Naturally Balanced - Essential Oils.

Mike Kargodorian - Crystals and Lapidary stones.

Spotpack - Heat pack and beeswax wraps.

Shine Your Light - Liquid Crystals and Psychosomatics, face reading/posture reading.

Qld Friends of the Summit Lighthouse.

Holographic Kinetics.

Wanda Shipton - Spirit Guide Drawings.






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