Believe & Surrender - Gemstone jewellery & essential oils.

Bodhitree Health and Wellness - Aromatherapy oils, posters, cellular technology, shoulder massage.

Sacred Blends Australia - Holistic plant based skincare.

360 Transformation - Theta healing, Free scans, 30 minute readings.

Castle Crystals & Gifts - Natural crystals, semi precious stone jewellery, dream & sun catchers, incense, tarot cards, metaphysical items.

Krystal Connections - Crystals.

Down to Earth Astrology - Astrology Readings.

Blackbird's Emporium - Hats, bags and jewellery.

Qld of the Summit Lighthouse - Books, CD's and Pictures.

For the Love of Books - Self-help & metaphysical books, CD's, DVD's, Oracle cards, Magnesium, oil burners etc.

Watchtower Witch - Crystal jewellery, Artisan Blended Teas, Cauldrons, Crystal drink bottles, Herbs, Resins, Incense, Chakra Sets.

Stemcells4Wellness - Stem Cell Nutrition and skincare.  All natural products.

Mood Makeovers - Oracle & Tarot Cards.

Kylie Knight Reflexology - Foot Reflexology.

Your Corporate Hippie - Young Living products & oils.

Goddess Love - Crystal jewellery.

Avana Wellness - Nutrition services, Weight Loss.

Wanda Shipton - Spirit Guide Drawings.

Julie Rae - Julie's art and words are presented in the unique acrylic frame and a timber stand.  These are in different sizes to accommodate everyone's needs.  All work is original and the family handcrafts the framing.

Herbvana Herbals - Organically grown individually blended herbal teas, therapeutic creams & herbal infused, natural face & body skincare.

Blue Diamond Light Healing - Healings & healing Jewellery.

Sujho - doTerra Essential Oils.

Scentsy Inc - Home fragrances.

Mauri Moods - Crystal soy wax candles infused with Reiki energy, Reiki healing.

'Inspired by Moana' handcrafted Macrame Crystal jewellery - handcrafted Macrame crystal bracelets, pendants and dream catchers, crystal spheres, Tibetan singing bowls.