For the Love of Books - Metaphysical books, oracle cards, self help books, wind chimes, CD's/DVDs.

Down to Earth Astrology - Astrology Readings.

Divine Essence - Reiki.

A Hero's Journey Life - Original art and verses in acrylic framed images on a timber stand.

Rustic Old Soul - Organites and mists colloidial Silver.

Midnight Ritual - hand made wands, walking sticks and other ritual decor.

Buttonbow - Macrame Jewellery.

Anna Pompetti - Biscuits and probiotic drink.

Ritual Pause - CBD Oil & balms.

Castle Crystals & Gifts - natural crystals, semi precious stone jewellery, dream catchers, sun catchers, incence, tarot cards.

With The Woods - crystals, jewellery, dream catchers.

Qld Friends of the Summit Lighthouse - books, CD's & Pictures.

Your Corporate Hippie - Young Living Essential Oils and oil infused products.

Gaylene - Services, Divorce Healing.

Tania - Crystal sound healing bowls.

Inspired by Moana - bracelets, anklets, mala, pendants.

Believe & Surrender - gemstone jewellery, aromatherapy blends, doTerra oils.

Watchtower Witch - crystal jewellery, blended teas, candles, cauldrons, witch tools.

The Witch Within - witchy wares, incense, smudges, herbs, candles, crystals.

Wild Spirit Snakes - snake medicine, healing/reading.

The Codes of Life - books, elixirs, cards.

Goddeess Love - crystals, crystal jewellery.

Wanda Shipton - Spirit Guide Drawings.

Herbal Tea & Tonics - hand blended medicinal herbal Teas using Australian certified organic & native herbs.

Scentsy - Home fragrances.

Shine Your Light - Face reading & Liquid crystals.

Thermotrix with Tara Jarvis - Thermomix and accessories.

Quantum Knowledge - Iridology, bowel health, stem cell nutrition, immunity support.